About Samina

Samina’s food journey has been an amazing and unique voyage of self discovery and teaching, which has formed her to be an expert at her craft.  She is has been influenced by some of the most important patisserie chefs in the world. Such as the very first Antoine Carême, the Michelin starred Raymond Blanc who is also self taught and the Scottish/French/Japanese stimuli of William Curley.  Samina has bad circulation resulting in very cold hands, which her husband hates, but her pastries love!

A born and bred Londoner, her parents originated from Pakistan. She grew up with elegantly spiced dishes from Southeast Asia, The Middle East, China and Malaysia. Not forgetting many European classics too, such as hearty shepherd’s pie, yum yum!  Her Mother is an expert cook and opened up her eyes to world flavours. From very early on she knew she loved cooking, especially desserts, which her mother generally left to her. Desserts were a little more precise and harder to master.  If there were ever desserts needed, she would always be asked to prepare something for her friends at university or her parents’ lively dinner party guests. Now she is married to a French man.  This French love affair has catapulted her expertise to a whole new level, to the beautiful, masterful and luscious world of authentic patisserie.

Meanwhile in another space-time… work wise her background is from the buzzing world of Digital Media & Advertising. She obtained a Bachelors degree in Marketing & Advertising from the University of the Arts London, LCC. Loving the organisation, creativity and quick thinking needed for this career she went on to successfully work for two major advertising networks.  Prior to advertising, Samina was very much captivated by the scientific world of Chemistry with its precise calculations, measurements and magical potions. She knew deep down, she still missed this…  

After several years in the fast paced world of digital media and two kids later, Samina knew she was ready to make the change…

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Fast paced environments


Bad circulation


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